Sunday, February 12, 2017

Some have asked what got you started stamping short answer my husband!

My upline Jeannette can relay just how I began my experience with this awesome group of people and products!

It all began with a conversation I had with my husband that I wanted to meet some local women as many of my girlfriends live far away, North Carolina, Florida, and Nebraska just to name a few - kinda hard to get together without MAJOR planning. So on to the story - my husband Chris, daughter Sabrina were going to a craft show being held at at the NZone in Chantilly, VA. There were many great artisans and crafters, however, nothing that I looked at and went WOW I want to learn how to do that. Lots to buy absolutely but nothing I wanted to LEARN. Towards the end of the displays, I came up to where Chris was standing in front of a table and talking to the vendor, that vendor was Jeannette.

I loved the cards and other projects she was displaying and we chatted. She was talking about an upcoming workshop and my husband whips out his phone and proceeds to check our calendar. The next words were "yes, you are available and are already scheduled. - Time to make some friends!" The rest as they say is HIS FAULT!

Jeannette LOVED that it was my husband that pulled out the phone and did all that. So I went to my first class and honestly have been hooked ever since. I love my upline - she is amazingly inspiring. I have made many great friends and the joy of seeing friends and family faces when they receive that unique one of a kind card from me is great!

I look forward to where this fun and excitement can take me.

Loving Stamping!

Here is a picture of my family..
This is my family at my bonus sons graduation this year. In the front the kids Left to Right Sabrina, Thomas and Rebecca then and in the back husband Chris, me (in the middle) and my mom.

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